We are participating in the Kerava URF event

Kerava organizes an event for the whole family between July and August; URF. We are participating in the event at our summer presentation point.

Come and get to know our right-of-occupancy property under construction at Pianonsoittankatu 3 with the help of virtual glasses. At the event, you will also see a miniature model of our future apartment building in Kerava.

TA uudiskohde Pianonsoittajankatu 3 Kerava.

Dozens of new properties under construction around Finland

We are currently planning and constructing dozens of new properties in various locations. The new properties are right-of-occupancy, rental and owner-occupied apartments. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the first application periods for our new properties begin or when owner-occupied properties are available for purchase.

Need an apartment quickly? See our vacant and soon-to-be-vacant apartments

You can get a rental or right-of-occupancy apartment very quickly. See our vacant and soon-to-be-vacant apartments and submit an application on our website.

You can also contact your local sales representative to enquire about properties that offer a flexible move service, where you can get up to two weeks for moving without additional costs.

Homes for all life situations

Come and see our extensive selection of apartments! We offer a diverse selection of homes for different life situations so that you can find your dream home from us.

Different forms of housing are suited for different needs. We offer right-of-occupancy, rental and owner-occupied apartments. We are active in more than 50 locations, and you can look for a new home from our selection of more than 20,000 apartments. Together, we can find a perfect solution for you that meets your wishes and needs.

More than 20,000 apartments in 48 locations.

Apartment seeker’s path to a new home.

Your reliable housing partner

Our over 50 years of experience in the sector ensures that you can rely on our professionalism and expertise. As a responsible operator, we keep our properties and apartments in good condition to provide our residents with affordable housing in the future as well.

We are able to offer apartments for different life situations. Everyone has the right to a high-quality, safe home, regardless of their income or wealth. Our approximately 300 property business professionals are always happy to help you.

New Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act: waiting numbers applied for from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland

As of 1 September 2023, waiting numbers for right-of-occupancy apartments can be applied for from a single location nationwide, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). The waiting numbers issued by municipalities are prioritised over the numbers issued by ARA until the end of the year. The numbers issued by municipalities will no longer be valid as of 31 December 2023.