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New properties

New properties – be the first resident of your apartment

New properties allow you the chance to move into a brand-new home as the first resident of the apartment. If you buy a home in a new property that is under construction, you can also have a say in the surface materials of the apartment.

We build about 1,000 new apartments every year. Our new properties have right-of-occupancy, rental and owner-occupied apartments. We build and own blocks of flats, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, deck access blocks and single-family houses. You can choose from an apartment in a block of flats in the heart of a city centre or a house at the edge of a forest.

We always seek new alternatives for our new properties that allow us to improve our energy efficiency and control the rising of housing costs. You can pick an apartment from one of our new properties with peace of mind, as we are one of the major apartment developers in Finland.

New properties have many advantages

With a new property, you can move to a brand-new home that has never been lived in with untouched surfaces and appliances. New properties also have modern spatial solutions and building services as well as functional shared facilities. Many of our new properties are built in new, developing residential areas.

What is a new property?

A new property is a property or building that is under construction or recently completed but has not been taken into use yet. New properties include blocks of flats, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, single-family homes, detached houses and deck access blocks. In a new property, you get to be the first resident of the apartment. We build right-of-occupancy, rental and owner-occupied apartments.

Should I choose a new property?

You can live care-free in a new property for a long time. You do not need to worry about any renovations of the apartment or property.

Where can I find information about new properties?

When is the payment for a new property apartment made?

The right-of-occupancy fee for right-of-occupancy apartments is paid during the construction of the building, within a month of signing the agreement, i.e. well before the apartment is ready for moving in. The right-of-occupancy fee is used for building the property, so the fee must be paid while the building is under construction. The payment of the maintenance charge does not begin until you have moved in to your new home.

The security deposit for rental apartments must be paid before your move. The payment of rent begins when the agreement enters into force.

TAn uutta kerrostaloa rakennetaan.

TA, a responsible housing provider

We observe responsible business practices from the perspectives of economic, environmental and social responsibility.

The financial value generated through our non-profit activities is reflected in the everyday lives of our residents, personnel, partners and financiers and, ultimately, society.

For several years, we have been taking determined actions to reduce the consumption of energy in housing and consequently minimise the environmental impact of housing. We have also been granted green financing for an investment project that generates clear and measurable environmental benefits.

Our personnel plays a major role in customer interactions and the daily lives of our residents. Our personnel conducts meaningful work for high-quality housing every single day. Our work community is close-knit and people enjoy their time here.

All new properties by location

Check our website for new properties under construction and apply for our new apartments online.

Do you want to be among the first to know about our new properties?

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