TA-Yhtiöt right-of-occupancy apartment application

You can apply for all of our right-of-occupancy apartments with this application. The application will remain valid for 12 months. Submitting an additional application will not replace a previous application, which means that you can have more than one application valid at the same time.

Apply for a waiting number from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA: https://hakija.aso.fi/kirjaudu. The waiting number is valid for a fixed term of two years. Please note that the previous waiting numbers issued by municipalities can no longer be used to apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment, as their validity ended on 31 December 2023.

Right-of-occupancy apartments are primarily offered by email based on your application and waiting number. Check your email and spam folder regularly and reply to a possible offer quickly, as the deadlines for responding vary.

You can use different search criteria in the application to limit the results. The use of criteria is not required. Please note that the selected criteria will exclude all apartments that do not meet the criteria. We recommend using the search criteria carefully.

If you are applying for an apartment in a new property, submit a separate application with the search criterion “New property” active and specify the preferred property. Without the “New property” criterion, the application will not include any new properties in the searched area(s).

If you are currently living in one of our right-of-occupancy properties and you want to apply for a new apartment at the same property, fill in a separate application to change apartment without entering a waiting number. Activate the “Application to change apartment” option. In this case, your application is prioritised over other applicants with a waiting number.
Read the instructions for submitting an application to change apartment.

If you are a new applicant or you are looking to move to another right-of-occupancy property, fill in an application and include your waiting number. This is not the same as an application to change apartment. Applicants are offered apartments in the order of their waiting number.
Read the instructions for submitting an application.

Read more about the new Right-of-occupancy Housing Act

Read more about applying for a right-of-occupancy apartment.

See the TA-Yhtiöt client register privacy policy.

Note! The application is valid for 12 months.

If necessary, you can fill in a PDF form and send it to us by email.

Read more about the new Right-of-occupancy Housing Act.

See the TA-Yhtiöt client register privacy policy.

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