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Special terms

Do you have any questions about the condition of the home, payment of rent or parking space, for example? Do you want to leave a message to the maintenance service? You can leave a service request electronically here (in Finnish only).

In urgent cases, please phone your maintenance service’s on-duty telephone number (can be found in your building’s noticeboard).

Termination of agreement

Right-of-occupancy apartment

Termination of a right-of-occupancy apartment agreement must be made in writing by sending a signed notice of assignment to your nearest TA office. The notice of assignment is binding and cannot be subsequently cancelled or the release date of the apartment cannot be changed. The transfer time of a right-of-occupancy home is three months from the date when we received written notice of assignment.

The holder of the right of occupancy is obliged to pay for the residence charge during this period. If the holder of the right of occupancy moves out before the 3 months’ transfer time has ended, the home can be placed on the market earlier. If the new resident moves into the apartment before the end of the three months’ transfer time, the old resident’s obligation to pay the residence charge ends on day the new resident’s agreement comes into effect. Also, the right-of-occupancy fee will be paid back to the old resident sooner.

Rental apartment

Termination of a rental apartment agreement must be made in writing by sending a signed notice of termination form to your nearest TA office. The period of notice of the rental agreement is one calendar month. The period of notice is calculated as of the last day of the calendar month when notice was given (for example, if notice was given on 15 March, the rental agreement ends on 30 April). A fixed-term rental agreement will terminate on the date specified in the agreement without a notice of termination.

Resident’s Guide

Resident’s Guide contains information about home maintenance and other practical issues, such as alteration work, household appliances and moving in and out.

If you have any questions, phone our customer service on +358 45 7734 3777 or email us at Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen..

Forms and Guides

You can find the forms and guides here.